River Canyon was born out of pure love of the outdoors and sense of adventure. Ben & River share a passion for country music, the american style cowboy way of freedom, and very much believe in hard work / hard play.

The hard work was getting from an idea into making River Canyon a reality. Of course, it had to be quality, it had to be affordable, it had to be right. From our manufacturer to the branding, from the logistics to the here and now, River Canyon became a reality we are now very proud of and passionate about.

We are very lucky to be from the beautiful Cotswold’s in the South West of England, but with a roof tent of our own we are finally able to explore the rest of the beautiful areas the UK has to offer for as long or as short a trip as we like, and in style. No bugs, no hard ground to lie on, no uncomfortable deflating lilos, room to get changed standing up. Exploring beauty spots the outdoor world has to offer with very little effort required – this is what playing hard is like for us.

So why not share our passion for adventure? As Landrover would say: One life – Live it!